Apartment Downstairs

      Apartment Downstairs: Your garden of Eden


The floor apartment is spacely furnished and has plenty of sunlight. Combined with the garden this apartment is perfect for working at home.
It is completely furnished for immediate residence, with towels, bedding, laundry washing and more.
There is a luxury kitchen which has all the appliances that you need. Oven, microwave, big refigerator, big freezer, dishwasher, toaster etc.
For your laundy there is also a washing machine and dryer. Laundry service can be arranged.
The bathroom has a nice modern big bath with shower. In the bedroom is a double bed.

1.090 Euros a month plus
190 Euros a month for gas, water, electricity, fast wireless internet, garden service and other service costs.

Please take a look around and click on the image.